Risk Assesment


All projects have general and specified Risks. To eliminate Risks with high potential for hazards that have negative influence
on the project in relation to ex. People, Time or Economic a Risk management Process with different kinds of working tools is needed. The Risk Management process document that Risk Assement & Risk Mitigation has taken place and delegates responsibilities for actions.

We advise Organisations and Project Management in Risk Assessment techniques and Manage the Risk process.

We advise to determine the relevant risk topics and risk levels in each Organisation or Project.

To priorities as ex. Economic, Technique and Safety risks its recommended to use a Risk Assessment tool.

Example of a Risk Assessment Matrix is shown in the figure below.


Risk Mitigation

We advise in Risk Mitigation to reduce the reisk levels  and Manage
the Risk process.

To manage the Risk Mitigation process its recommended to use a Risk Assessment tool where its possible
to appoint responsible for the risks and to show the reduced risk level.


Risk Management

We advise in developing, use and maintanance  Risk Management Systems, which fulfills the
the standards as ex. Risk Management, ISO 31000, Guideline or
Risk and Emergenzy prepardness assessment, NORSOK Standard Z-013

Example of Risk management Process in construction projects is shown in the figure below


Emergenzy Prepardness & Response Planning


Mitigate risks to the lowest possible level called the ALARP principle, “as low as reasonably practicable”
doesn’t mean that accidents don’t appear

We advise in developing Contingency Plans, Emergenzy Prepardness & Response Plans,
focused on relevant risks identified in the Risk Management Process


Training in Risk Management Process


With experince from the Rescue Service and different kinds of Organisations and Projects
we are the right choise of training partner. Please contact us.