Developing & Implementation Management Systems


Improvement of Processes


By establish a Management System for all relevant processes, it ensures that employees
and other involved people have admittance to all relevant information to carry out their tasks
in compliance with the managements assignments.

The process is based on getting a view of all essential processes in the organisation and
legal requirements. These informations are compared to the standards requirements
and we recommend which documents are relevant and carry out a plan for the process

The Company´s competitiveness is often strengthened, when a Management System is implemented.


International Standards & National Regulations


We are supporting development and managing Management Systems,
which fulfils the requirements in the following standards as ex.

  • Quality Management ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management, ISO 14001 & EMAS
  • Health & Safety Management, ISO 45001
  • Energy Management, ISO 50001
  • Risk Management, ISO 31000, Guideline
  • Risk Management & Risk Assessment techniques, ISO 31010
  • GWO Requirements
  • Safety Management, B. 712, 2020, Om sikkerhedscertifikater indenfor jernbanevirksomhed
  • DS 21001, Ledelsessystem for jernbanesikkerhed – Infrastrukturarbejde – Krav
  • KLS-A Kvalitetsledelsessystemer ved Autorisationskrævende arbejder, B. 1363, 2018
  • Auditing, ISO 19011




To carry out Audits gives the Management information to the extent of  the management system
is effective including in which degree the management system is adhered.
Processes Improvement are identified in the Audit Process.

Supplier Audit gives information about the Suppliers processes for producing and delivering
the exact product or service.

Gitte Falstrup is examined Lead Auditor and approved Certification Auditor.


Training in Management Systems & Auditing


Kurser om Ledelsessystemer & Audit